Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am who I am

Hi, this is my first attempt at blogging. Well, actually, my second. The first one I started last year, can't remember the web site, email address or the password that I used. I think life just took over and ran with me. So now I plan on taking life and and running with it. I am not a writer nor am I good with grammar, punctuation etc. But at this stage in my life, I am who I am and I can honestly say I like it. Wish me luck!!!!

My sil (for those of you who don't know what this stands for, it is sister-in-law. I didn't know until just last night when my niece Liz told me. She educates me on many things in life and this is just one of them...thanks Liz), will be sharing this blog.

My name is Jo-Ann. My sil and I have known one another for let me think...ten, twenty, ...OH MY GOSH... thirty-four years. We married brothers. I always told her that God didn't make us sisters at birth so He allowed life to. Thank you Lord! We don't have the same blood but we do have the same thoughts running through our heads and the same fears running through our veins. My hope is to bring you some smiles, hopes, and yes... tears (sorry).

My story will start with a little synopsis of my years growing up...
I was shy, scared, lonely and in my eyes the dumbest person I knew. If I made a mistake...OH MY GOSH...how could I be so dumb. I could never laugh at myself because I was so busy tearing myself up inside...to shreds and then some. I felt this way in grade school, middle school and high school. Didn't go to college because I was too stupid, too sensitive (or so I thought). So I graduated high school got a job that I was too stupid to do (but in reality I did a decent job). Just to sum it up so that I don't bore you with the gory details...I had a low self-esteem. Thought that the only thing that I could do and do fairly well was to get married and raise a family. And that is exactly what I did. Well to my surprise, that was the hardest, least paid, most unappreciated job that I would ever do in my lifetime. But I loved every moment of being a mother. That role fulfilled a part of my soul that nothing in this life could ever touch. And as we all know hind sight is 20/20. Are you ready for this...I DID A DARN GOOD JOB!! And the reason I know this to be true is because my daughters told me. WHEW... Today, I believe that I am who I am because the Good Lord made me that way.

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