Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am expecting a Miracle

My daughter is in the second trimester of pregnancy and she started to have an episode with MS. Usually when she has an episode, she goes to her neurologist and he hooks her up to IV with very strong steriods. She has three treatments, one per day, which usually lasts several hours. Well, since she is pregnant and there is no guarentee that the baby will not be affected by the steriods, she is opting out of the treatments. Good choice!!!! She is so totally focused on the baby. I am not going to go through the whole story. But I did want to post this....I AM EXPECTING A MIRACLE. I do believe that this episode will subside with the help of God and that there will be no further episodes for the duration of the pregnancy.
And so, I am thanking the Good Lord in advance for the miracle He is about to grace us with.

Thank you, Lord.

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