Sunday, June 7, 2009

I have fallen and I can't get up

(Not a picture of me)

Here I am sitting in church on a warm sunday morning with my husband sitting next to me. Dressed in white capris, a summer top and new black sandals. Time to go up to problem going up the aisle. On the way back, my new sandal twists on my foot. I fall like a ton a bricks. Picture this...there is a traffic jam in the aisle because I am on my butt in the asle trying to fix my sandal. Hopefully I can get up without bringing too much more attention to me. I feel someone pulling on my right and left arms, but I am not ready to get up yet because my sandal is still twisted around my foot. I finally fix it and allow my husband and this woman I have never met pick me up off the floor. Boy was my pride bruised. Sitting back in the pew, I feel the seat vibrating...what the heck? Oh, it's my husband laughing his you know what off...his shoulders are bouncing up and down. If I wasn't in church I think that I would have smacked him. As I sit there I feel a breath on the back of my was the young man behind me asking me if I am ok. I told him that I was, just my pride bruised abit. He told me not to worry about what others thought. I think he may have been referring to my husband. I thanked him and sneered at my husband.

On the way out of church, I stopped to thank the woman who helped picked me up off the floor. She told me that the same thing has happened to her before (I think she was just trying to make me feel better).

On the way to the car I was thinking that the next time I buy sandals, I am going to buy the right width regardless if they are on sale or not. I thought that it really wouldn't make a difference getting the wide width. Oh well, you live and learn.

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